Paragraph 3

Paragraph 3

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.


Qualitative research method is done through observations and experiments in order to attain data from a population or sample. One of the characteristic of qualitative data is that they are huge in amount. These is not usually collected in a systematic manner and the qualitative researchers may not use any instruments while collecting data. They take field notes most of the time to help stock data or write down the key points or words. It is fortunate that recent advances in computer technology and software has made it possible to manage the mountain of words in an efficient way. The team should have many researchers in order to manage and organise data in an effective way. Having the man-power behind the organization of this method would cut down on the individual’s work by organizing survey data by question, respondent and sub-topic, and would save time and resources. It is important because the data found can be organized in a much simpler way for easy analysis. The group may desire to group all the responses for each questions together for example responses for question one together, question twos together and so on. When these methods are incorporated while performing a qualitative research study it would be beneficial to the research team in interpreting their results.


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