Paragraph 5

Paragraph 5

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When a disaster happens, spirituality may be the only thing that the victims might have to hang on to, spirituality is very individualized. Spirituality is not tangible but comes from the core beliefs within the person. A couple of way that someone may either question their spirituality or suddenly gain spirituality. They could be grieving and ask why GOD would ever do this to anyone, is there really a higher being, or even blame themselves saying that GOD must be punishing them. With everyone having their own ways of belief or worship ways, it may be truly challenging for the nurse to help or even recognize the spiritual beliefs.

The community health nurse, can simply ask the person of their spirituality to gain some insight of them. No matter what their response, the community health nurse should not judge and remember that they might be going through the stages of grief during this trying time. Providing the spiritual support is helpful. If pastoral care is not available it could also use other victims, if they are stable, to show that support. This could be helpful to all that is included. When the community nurse is focused on helping those impacted by the event, they must not forget that they need to remember to think of taking care of themselves, spiritually as well.


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